Mixing Pittsburgh’s people and places for an engaged experience on the Three Rivers Heritage Trail.

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My Role
Guerrilla Researcher
Interaction Designer
Usability Tester
Business Plan Developer

Jonathan Chan
Kelsey Stroshane
Judith Tucker

Guerrilla Research
Survey Research
User Testing
Iterative Design
Interactive Demo
Final Presentation and Report

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop



We worked with Friends of the Riverfront, a Pittsburgh non-profit that acts as a steward to Three Rivers Heritage Trail, to help create a communication tool. Friends of the Riverfront identified several organization needs including offering a central location for reporting problems on the trail, communicating safety issues, collecting demographic information, and connecting trail-goers to nearby communities.

Our primary challenge was to make a product that would be useful and appealing to trail-goers and still serve Friends of the Riverfront’s objectives. We created a mobile app, TrailMix, which connects people to the trail and neighboring communities. It also provides easy mechanisms for logging problems and concerns along the trail.


Interactive Prototype

For our final presentation to the client, I developed a clickable prototype using Keynote. It demonstrates several important features: reporting a problem on the trail, getting trail updates, and finding activities to do on the trail. If you are interested in seeing the prototype, please contact me at sbutler [at] gmail [dot] com.

Final Report and Presentation

We produced a 100-plus page report detailing our process and presented our findings to Friends of the Riverfront. I contributed significant content, including the Recommendations chapter, which details how Friends of the Riverfront can use TrailMix to accomplish future development goals. I also contributed to the app’s branding by naming it and creating a tag line that was used during our presentation. If you are interested in viewing the report, please contact me at sbutler [at] gmail [dot] com.